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Abstract Submission is OPEN. Abstracts can only be submitted using theelectronic form.

Abstract Categories

The Scientific Committee have prepared a small list of categories (5 topics) in order to group the abstracts into various themes. Many abstracts may fit more than one category but a single category should be selected. Accepted abstracts maybe re-categorisedby the scientific committee in order to shape the final programme. Authors must choose one category from the present list that most closely describes the content of their submission. All accepted abstracts will be available in a special online issue at the Conference Website.

Handling Procedures

Once the abstract has been electronically submitted, thecorresponding author will receive an automatic confirmation by email with an Abstract Confirmation ID (16 character code), needed for updates. If not, please contactthe Secretariat. This code should be used for any enquiries. Any changes after submission are possible until abstract submission deadline.

Please kindly note that the submission of an abstract does not replace the need to register for the conference. The inclusion in the scientific programme and publication of the selected abstract(s) is subject to the payment of the registration fee of thepresentingauthor. After the abstract submission is closed, all presenting authorswill be invited to register for the Conference by email giving a link to register.

Fill-in Instructions

No more than 10 authors can be assigned to an abstract.
There is a 1 hour limit to fill the form.
We've developed the forms to work with Google Chrome, Opera and IE browsers.


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